Limited Edition: Himalayian Red Jade Nahki (Na-she) Bracelet
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While visiting Southwestern China, in the Yunnan provence (Lijiang), I discovered the beautiful Nahki people wearing vibrant fuscia yak wool scarves. The Nahki people live harmonious lives with Tibetans and spend summer days keeping the fields, herding livestock, and building homes as a community. I have never witnessed a better example of the term, "it takes a village...," as I observed men and women of all ages constructing a very large and finely detailed Tibetian home.

The Nahki bracelets are made from a Nahki Tribal necklace that is worn by the men to intice affection from their wives. The beads are a beautiful red jade and perfectly symbolize Spoke-Bracelets message, "Love your Journey!"    


Spoke Bracelets are designed and hand crafted in Bend, Oregon, using high-quality and durable 15 gauge stainless steel bicycle spokes and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Limited Edition: Himalayian Red Jade Nahki (Na-she) Bracelet

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